Automate repetitive tasks over SAP,
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Our bots Bill, Matt and Fiorella enable native integration with SAP.

They feature 100+ preconfigured components that will help you automate the main repetitive tasks within your organization.

Jumpstart your automation journey over SAP!

Have you thought of using RPA to integrate your different platforms?

How faster could your implementations be if your RPA was already prepared to talk with your SAP? And how cost-effective?



Our bots interact with SAP through BAPIs, working 10x faster than conventional automation methods.



Our bots use the SAP native BAPIs, assuring full portability on your SAP upgrades.



Integration with the most common technologies integrating with SAP.


Faster to Deploy

​100+ pre-packaged automations, including industry best practices

Have you thought of using RPA to support your transformation initiatives?

BeeckerCo’s Digital Workers for SAP leverage the best hyperautomation technology with UiPath. They were designed to automate the Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash E2E in a set of different pre-packaged business scenarios.

BeeckerCo’s Digital Workers for SAP

Built to streamline the Finance, Sales, Procurement, and Logistics functions. They are experienced in the main SAP modules, containing 100+ pre-configured components that will help to automate the main repetitive tasks within your organization.


Increase Productivity

Systematically automates repetitive tasks enabling the talent to focus on value-added tasks.


Optimize working capital

Streamline finance, sales, procurement and logistics functions.


Mitigate risk

 Address financial and operational risks with embedded machine learning capabilities.

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